Alexis Foucault is a designer and abstract digital artist who uses fractal algorithms to create generative artworks and limited editions of NFTs. His approach uses numerous iterations of mathematical equations to create a complexity composed of self-similarities. Playing with randomness, he fully integrates the machine into his creative decisions.

Distinctly spiritual and mathematical, the worlds created by Alexis Foucault are imbued with melancholy and duality. This duality is reflected in the themes that fascinate him - light/darkness, spirit/matter, chaos/ order - through which he explores ideas about the existence of an underlying reality and a hidden coherence to everything. Deeply influenced by religion and psychology, his work is rooted in mysticism, which he interprets in a contemporary context with digital methods.

Alexis Foucault also created Negative Jumpsuit, a curation platform to collect references and transmit his concepts and aesthetics.